A Credible Online Selling Approach…

How does a business succeed online? That question drives most entrepreneurs – including us. We believe the answer involves mastering a set of tradeskills in three broad areas. They include…

Ecommerce: Selling online has never been easier, but standing out online and building a long-term competitive advantage in your niche or industry has never been harder. There is no silver bullet, no get-rich quick scheme that’ll always work, and no one-and-done online approach. Selling online means constantly learning new things, allocating expense dollars and time, mastering large online platforms, and refining a set of specific techniques that have been demonstrated to work over the long-term. This is what we live for, it’s what we dream about, and it’s what we geek-out over. It is our passion. Some brands should sell on their own website. Some should sell on Amazon. Some should sell on eBay. Some should sell everywhere. Knowing where, why, and how, is what we do.

Online Advertising: The online advertising options are constantly changing, but core elements involved tend to remain the same. So whether you are using Google Adwords, Facebook, or Youtube – if you spend enough, and obsess over the details, you learn over time what works. You can waste a lot of money doing online advertising – so we are incredibly thoughtful about how and why we spend hard earned money on advertising. We are passionate about finding and applying what works – for the benefit of our clients.

Social Media: Social media can be a massive waste of time. It can also be a massive game-changer. How to make social media a productive part of a brands online selling strategy has been an obsession of ours for the last ten years. We take a “show me the money” approach to social and people respect that a lot. The University Of Pennylvania recently wrote about our work,

“Jason G. Miles’ series of books on social media have changed my strategies. His book Instagram Power assisted me in going from zero to over 1000 followers in three months. I found another of his books, YouTube Marketing Power: How to Use Video to Find More Prospects, Launch Your Products, and Reach a Massive Audience, full of ideas that you can easily take advantage of. Miles’ advice to tap into YouTube’s massive social network is: “Do something specific, consistent and excellent.”

– Wharton Magazine

(Harnessing Youtube Marketing Power, University Of Pennsylvania, 7-23-14)

How We Work: When we work with clients we bring all of these tradeskills to the party. Just like a Lawyer, Doctor, or CPA has their skills, we have a set of online sales and marketing skills we obsess over and work to master. Our success is measured by our clients outcomes.