Our No Nonsense Pricing Approach

We have a very straightforward pricing philosophy. We hope you can appreciate it and if you have questions, of course, let’s chat.

First, we ask clients to spend 8-10% of their total revenue on market – and we hope the majority of that is spent with us. Businesses that aren’t structured to spend an increasing amount on marketing are not structured for long-term growth. If this type of commitment isn’t right for you, we’re probably a bad fit. Each quarter we review total sales numbers with our clients and discuss the appropriate budget changes.

Second, our work is divided into two primary expenses; labor and advertising. So we spend client budget on those two items. These are variable expenses, so they are constantly changing from month to month based on the marketing activities we’re doing. The labor includes things like copywriting, ad creation, web-site work, graphic art, photography, newsletter creation, and social media activities. We manage all that – or do it ourselves. The advertising expense goes straight to ad platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Our minimum client engagement starts at just $500 a month and goes up from there. For $500 a month we can manage several basic elements of an online marketing strategy including social media and email marketing. As goals and objectives grow beyond these basics, so does the budget commitment. In some circumstances we also partner with brand owners for equity in the company in exchange for our services.

We aren’t interested in short-term or one-time project work, regardless of the budget being offered. We are looking for long-term partnerships that have the vision and determination to see their ecommerce strategy thrive.